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Star 40001 Oracle Deck

OpenD6 Solo Oracle Cards

I was asked to create a system to solo play West End Games Star Wars 1st Edition. I cannot publish rules for that game, but as a spin-off, I created this deck of cards that made managing all the attribute, skill, and gear rolls for all the NPCs much easier and faster. Each card also has a simple yes/no oracle, and a snippet of text or dialog to use for inspiration.

The digital download includes the 100 card deck and instruction leaflet and images of every card for use with inline card shufflers or dice rollers that support image uploads.

Solo oracle decks are used to answer questions that you would otherwise put to the GM. If you want to know if the corridor is clear, you flip a card and read the answer, if you want to know what the bounty hunter leader is prepared to deal for, flip a card and interpret the prompt. If five hoodlums open fire on you all at once, draw five cards and use the skill rolls printed on each card as their attack rolls.


Buy Now$4.95 USD or more

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How do I properly print this?


If you only want the fronts for home printing, these instructions will work for Adobe Reader. Go to File->Print. Select More options underneath the Page to Print section. Choose Even Pages Only.
Then, in the Page Sizing & Handling section, click Multiple and then Pages per Sheet. I found that 4 pages per sheet worked the best for me when printing on A4 light card.


Is this compatible with REUP?


Yes it should be. As long as REUP using the WEG d6 system, it should be good to go.