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Solo Roleplaying Rules for Dungeon Crawl Classics and Hubris

Dungeon Crawl Classics CompatibleThis solo roleplaying supplement enables playing Dungeon Crawl Classics without a Judge. The rules are split into three sections.

Part 1: This deals with solo playing and the basic yes-no question. These are handled with a DC style check using DC5, DC10, and DC15 as breakpoints and critical no/critical yes on a 1 & 20. These mechanics are used for asking about the world and for controlling other characters, such as when you have an entire party of 0 level characters to nurse through their first adventure.

Part 2: Two options are presented for open questions. The first is an icon-driven visual oracle. Sixteen d16 tables of icons are provided. You roll for two icons and use them to suggest an answer to questions, and even to plan your sandbox adventures. The second method uses random rolls to find a random page, paragraph, and sentence in any rule/setting books. Find two sentences and then pull out any words that suggest an answer to your question. Use as many books as you like, including any sword and sorcery fiction as sources of inspiration.

Part 3: How to play through modules and now to create a sandbox campaign where you do not know what is going to happen next.

This is a 40 page PDF, two pages are cover and front matter. It is a layered PDF allowing you to turn off images for ease of printing.

The print version of this book is available here.


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